How it works

  • • Clients and Service Providers can search the required
    services or opportunities in the application search engine. • Clients and Service Providers can view the services
    available that are registred on the application and in the relevant or specified area
    • You can book the service directly on the application
    • Clients can book the service and specify the exact duties and responsibilities based on a journey in the application that is applicable to the relevant service
    • Clients must complete payment of the service booking
    • After getting a completion of work service the client can rate the service
    • Clients and Service Providers can view availability, user guides and details before making and accepting bookings
    • Clients and Service Providers can recommend other services to each other through ratings and recommendations section.
    • Opportunities for work are rotated and the system should encourage democratised bookings to spread employment opportunities
  • 02

    Find What You Want

  • • Clients can choose any services based on provider availability.
    • Clients can post opportunities and recieve replies and proposals
    • Clients can choose to be open too or closed to unsolicited proposals.
    • Service Providers can post their services and profiles and recieve responses.
    • Service providers and can also send proposals to prospective clients.
    • Service providers can post detailed profiles
    • Serive Providers can post HD images and videos of their company services
    • Service Providers can post CV’s, Credentials and Reference Letters
    • Service Providers can develop price lists, brochures, letterheads, generate estimates/quotations and invoices.
  • 03

    Find how to reach

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